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Alexej NEON Tursan
I was born 1970 in Italy. Had no choice but to move to Munich/ Germany in 1974 with my parents.
As a kid I decided to become a Dancer so i got an Education in classic Ballet 1978- 91.
I got pretty good. Even the student Time was a hard thing to handle (..Try to bomb at night and take Ballet- class in the morning)
I got Engaged as Dancer/ Soloist in various German Theatres until 1995. At that Time I stopped dancing but continued with Dance Projects until 2002.

I started Writing in 1984. It was my second real fascination. For sure it gave me an important balance to the very one sided Dance Education.
One of the most important experiences was my first visit to NYC in 1988. I was one off a lucky kind, because just the second day I met the right people, and did the very right things!
I returned to New York several Times!
First time I moved to Berlin was in 1990..
Since 2004 I’m back in the German capital again
Selected Exhibitions

1992 `Tätowierte Städte´- Kulturstation Munich
1995 `Graffiti in München´- Pasinger Fabrik/ Munich
1996 `A Tribute to Style´- Kallman Museum/ Ismaning
1998 `Aufstand der Zeichen´- Toskanische Säulenhalle/ Augsburg
1999 `Der Zug ist abgefahren´- Hauptbahnhof/ Munich
1999 `Graffiti 2000´- Rote Fabrik- Zürich/ Swizerland
1999 `Watch out for the 3´rd Rail´- Hauptbahnhof/ Munich
2000 `Urban Dissiplin´- Hamburg
2003 `Constructions Urbaines´- Taxie Gallery/ Paris
2003 `Cubabrasil´- Cultural/ Art Project/ Cuba
2004 `Wholetrain´- The Movie- Artwork/ Consultation
2005 `Cubabrasil´- Sao Paulo/ Brasil
2005 `Backjumps´ The live Issue II- Berlin
2005 `Berliner Kunstsalon´- Berlin
2006 `Cubabrasil II/ 9th Bienale´- Havana/ Cuba
2007 `Backjumps´ The live Issue III – Berlin
2007 `Cubabrasil III´- Cultural/ Art Project – Havana/ Cuba
2008 `Berliner Straße´- CircleCulture Gallery- Berlin
2008 'The Reader'- Set Design - Neunte Babelsberg Film GmbH
2008 ' Vorstadtkrokodile' - Set Design- Constantin Film
2008 `Carhartt Gallery´- Exibition for urban Arts- Wheil am Rhein
2008 ` Urban Affairs´- Riot Art/ Berlin
2008 ` Berliner Straße II´ -CircleCulture Gallery- Berlin
2009 ` Die Vögel'- Live Stage Painting- Volksbühne Berlin
2009 ` Urban Affairs- reloaded´- Riot Art/ Berlin
2009  `Post Graffiti’ Lucas Carrieri Art Gallery- Berlin
2009 ‘Dakar Experience’- Goethe Institute- Dakar, Senegal
2010 `Berlin Road Show´- Julia Raab, Berlin
2010 `Nioro Experience’- Goethe Institute- Dakar, Senegal
2010 `Me Myself and I´- Gallery Raab, Berlin
2010 ` Street Art Istanbul´ - Byzantine Reloaded, Istanbul
2011 ` The Collectors Home´ - Gallery Raab, Berlin
2012 `Stroke 2012´ - Munich
2015 ` Homeland´  Set Design- Neunte Babelsberg Film GmbH
2016 ` Urbanned´ - Kunstfestival "Kunst am Spreeknie"
2017 ` Scale Wall Art´ Munich
2017 ` Isart´ Munich
2018 ` Unframed´ Heerlen, Netherlands
Writing in Munich' - Schwarzkopf& Schwarzkopf Verlag
Cubabrasil- From here to Fame Verlag
Sent- From here to Fame Verlag
Ars Scribendi - Kalligraphie-Vereinigungen Deutschland
Theorie of Style – Independent Publisher
All City Writers- Kitchen93 - Bagnolet, France
From the Platform: Subway Graffiti – Schiffer Publishing Ltd
The history of American Graffiti – Harper Design
A jung man proudly presenting his 3+ decades art work. Flip trough the pages, discover finest style writing and feel free to purchase some original works.

A jung man proudly presenting his 3+ decades art work. Flip trough the pages, discover finest style writing and feel free to purchase some original works.
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